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A podcast dedicated to telling the origin stories of women who have built careers in senior housing. Most of us come from humble beginnings, my hope is that as women share their own origin stories listeners can find relatable qualities and inspiration that reveal the invisible ladder of possibilities.


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Sevy Petras on top of Mountain

About Sevy Petras

Sevy Petras is the CEO of Priority Life Care. Prior to becoming an operator, she worked in investment banking focusing on senior living and healthcare. Priority owns or serves as third-party manager for a number of assisted living and memory care communities. 

Their focus and expertise has been on buildings that require significant turnaround. That includes licensing, rehab, additions of specialty care units, and census growth.

As a family-owned and operated business, Sevy, her family, and the management team have worked to create a family-centric model that permeates to the building level.

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